Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut

Importance of Diamond Cut
The cut of a diamond should not be confused with its shape. Shapes are cut from the original rough diamond and whatever the shape, a well-cut diamond will always be able to reflect light better.
Cut Is About Proportions
The brilliance (light return), fire (dispersion of light) and scintillation (sparkle) are hugely dependent on the cut of the diamond. It is the only aspect that is directly influenced by man.This aspect is very complex, but incredibly crucial to the diamond’s value and appearanceWhen a diamond is cut to the right proportions, light is reflected from one facet to another and then dispersed through the top of the stone.

How a diamond is cut has a direct impact on the three main effects of its appearance:


Brightness created from a combination of reflected white lights


Flashes of spectacular color seen through all aspects of the diamond


Areas of light and dark that reflect when the diamond is moved We ensure every diamond used in Jewellery making at monicajewellers.com is brilliantly cut up to the mark.